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Do I have an estate?

Do I Have an Estate to Plan at All?

Ask most people about their estate, and chances are their response will fall somewhere between “Do I have an estate?” and “Who do you think I am?” After all, the word “estate” conjures images of...
estate planning myths

5 Estate Planning Myths, Debunked

Estate planning can be confusing, and the number of myths and misconceptions about the subject certainly don’t help. Not only do these myths blur the line between estate planning fact and fiction, but it’s hard...
Estate Administration: Three Steps To Take After a Loved One Dies

Estate Administration: Three Steps to Take After a Loved One Dies

Losing a loved one is a terrible experience, and it is natural that—in the immediate aftermath—estate administration is the last thing on your mind. Grief requires space, after all, and yet time is of the...
what gen-z shousl know about inheritance tax

What Gen Z Should Know Right Now About Inheritance Tax

Over the next ten years, Gen Z-ers and Millennials are estimated to receive the largest transfer of wealth in history (over $68 trillion dollars) from their baby boomer parents and grandparents. Understanding inheritance tax and...
estate planning for college students

Estate Planning Documents That Every College Student Needs…and Why

One of the more important steps—albeit a rarely talked about step—for our adult children who are heading off to college is estate planning. Our kids will always be children to us. Throughout their lives, we’ve...
missing estate planning documents

Estate Planning Horror Stories: Tales of Missing or Non-Existent Estate Planning Documents

If your executor cannot find your estate planning documents, the court has no choice but to assume you died without a will. What does it mean if you die without a will? What it means...
estate plan

The Season of Gifting: 3 Ways to Lifetime Gift within Your Estate Plan

Gifting assets to your heirs throughout your lifetime can be a powerful way to reduce the amount of taxes ultimately paid by your estate upon your passing. Even if taxes are not a primary concern,...

Do I Need a Will? Why? Do I Need an Attorney? Why? What is Probate? . . . And Other Questions About Wills. . .

Most people understand the importance and necessity of having a Will. Whether you are young and just starting out, or are established with complex assets, a Will is a basic component of estate planning. Wills,...
pet trust

How to Include Your Pet in Your Estate Plan

Anyone with a pet knows that love doesn’t discriminate by species. Four-legged members of our family are just as beloved as their two-legged counterparts, so there is just as much reason to include them in...
estate planning

Estate Planning for Singles: Why You (Yes, You) Need an Estate Plan, Too

Estate planning is often discussed as something that married couples with families need. However, more and more people are choosing to stay single, which creates unique considerations in terms of estate planning. Being single, in...

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