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This is So Unfair: Let’s Talk About Unequal Inheritance

Fair doesn’t always mean equal. If you’re out for dinner with your kids aged two and ten, you’re not going to order them the same meal. Likewise, if you’re at a CrossFit class with a...
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Protecting Your Family’s Security: Integration of Your Estate Plan and Your Financial Plan

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that estate planning is an important step in protecting your family’s financial security. Whether drawing up a Will or establishing a Trust, an Estate Plan is an...
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Four Simple Steps to Take the Pain out of Probate Court

If there is not a good reason to probate an Estate (and, sometimes, there is) probate court is one of those places you don’t want to visit.  Surprisingly, compared to other states, the probate process...
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3 Easy-to-Overlook Estate Planning Considerations

People avoid Estate Planning, either because they never outgrew that teenage feeling of invincibility, or because they overestimate the complexity of the task. Yes, drafting your Estate Plan is one of the most important things...
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How to Talk to Your Children About Your Estate Plan

As a parent, you know all too well that awkward conversations come with the territory. There’s no avoiding telling your kids about the birds and the bees and—whether you like it or not—you’ll one day...
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The Unique Considerations of Protecting Your Family as a Single Parent

Single parents know all too well that their every decision carries double the weight. When you’re flying without a co-pilot, there is no margin for error…which is why instituting mechanisms to protect your family is...
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5 Estate Planning Tasks to Address Now, While You’re Able-Minded & Bodied

Estate planning is often thought of as end-of-life planning, which leads many people to make the enormous mistake of neglecting the task until it’s too late. While, yes, some elements of an estate plan serve...
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How to Avoid Probate in Texas: 4 Tips from a Probate Lawyer

Unless you’ve been invited to visit the Queen, a court date is never something to look forward to easily.  This is true of criminal court, bankruptcy court…and, trust a probate lawyer to tell you, this...
Do I have an estate?

Do I Have an Estate to Plan at All?

Ask most people about their estate, and chances are their response will fall somewhere between “Do I have an estate?” and “Who do you think I am?” After all, the word “estate” conjures images of...
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5 Estate Planning Myths, Debunked

Estate planning can be confusing, and the number of myths and misconceptions about the subject certainly don’t help. Not only do these myths blur the line between estate planning fact and fiction, but it’s hard...

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