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Do I Need a Will? Why? Do I Need an Attorney? Why? What is Probate? . . . And Other Questions About Wills. . .

Most people understand the importance and necessity of having a Will. Whether you are young and just starting out, or are established with complex assets, a Will is a basic component of estate planning. Wills,...
pet trust

How to Include Your Pet in Your Estate Plan

Anyone with a pet knows that love doesn’t discriminate by species. Four-legged members of our family are just as beloved as their two-legged counterparts, so there is just as much reason to include them in...
estate planning

Estate Planning for Singles: Why You (Yes, You) Need an Estate Plan, Too

Estate planning is often discussed as something that married couples with families need. However, more and more people are choosing to stay single, which creates unique considerations in terms of estate planning. Being single, in...

All About Beneficiaries: The Who, What, and Why

Understanding the role of a beneficiary is important when it comes to estate planning. Whether you are just starting to draft your plan, or you are updating an existing plan, knowing what a beneficiary is,...

The Financial Power of Attorney: Should You Choose a CPA to Act on your Behalf?

When drafting a financial power of attorney (FPOA), most people will look to family members or close friends when naming an agent who will act on their behalf, should they become incapacitated. However, sometimes it...
power of attorney

Powers of Attorney 101: How to Choose Your Agents

Both a Medical Power of Attorney and a Financial Power of Attorney (POAs) are essential estate planning documents, but who you choose as the agent in each is even more critical. Your agent is the...
blended families

Yours, Mine, and Ours: Estate Planning for Blended Families

The modern-day Brady family is more prevalent than ever. According to the United States Census Bureau, 40% of U.S. families are blended. With more than half of first marriages ending in divorce, 75% of divorced...
special needs trust

Special Needs Trust: Learn the Basics

If you have a child with special needs that hinders them from managing their own affairs, you may want to establish a Special Needs Trust (also known as a Supplemental Needs Trust for them, especially...
estate planning for families

Estate Planning with Young Children: 4 Simple Steps to Better Protect Your Family

As parents, there is nothing we want more than to know our children will be well taken care of at all times, no matter what. Thinking about the “what-ifs” of life can be scary, but...
estate planning attorney

Irrevocable vs. Revocable Trust: How to Decide Which is Best For You

While most people have heard of a trust, the vast majority may not realize that there are various types of trusts. When it comes to estate planning, the types of trusts that are spoken about...

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