Leave a Roadmap with Your Estate Plan


Estate planning is an essential step in securing your family’s financial future and ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes. The estate planning process typically includes creating a Will or establishing a Trust, designating beneficiaries, appointing agents and more all with the goal to minimize taxes, avoid probate, and ensure your assets go…

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Leaving Your “Family Home” to Your Loved Ones


Throughout your life you have worked hard to acquire the house you and your family now call “home” – the home where you raised your kids, lived most of your life and created wonderful memories. So, it is understandable that even when you your kids grow up, move away and create the next chapters of…

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Estate Planning for a Second Marriage


So you’ve decided to remarry? Congratulations! You’re getting a fresh start on life and beginning an exciting new chapter in your story. However, a remarriage is not without its difficulties. Compared to a first marriage, many people embarking on a second marriage are at a later stage in life and are likely to have more…

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Properly Funding Your Trust: Don’t Leave Your Loved Ones Behind

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You’ve put in the hard work. You’ve set up a trust and you’re well on your way towards protecting your family’s future. Or are you? There are many steps when it comes to establishing a trust and one of the most important is also one of the most easily overlooked: trust funding. Simply put, if…

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Using Transfer-on-Death Deeds to Avoid Probate

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When it comes to planning your estate, you naturally want to make things as easy as possible for your beneficiaries. The last thing you want is for your property to get hung up in probate while your loved ones wait to receive their inheritance. When you Will your property to your beneficiaries, though, this is…

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Family Conversations About Your Estate Plan

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With holidays upon us, you’ve got a lot on your mind, right? Turkeys and ham don’t make themselves, and the longer you put off gift shopping, the more stressful that affair becomes. And then, of course, the house needs to be cleaned, family visits need to be scheduled, Christmas lights need to go up, and…

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Tough Conversations About Estate Planning Around the Holidays

In a world driven by social media, it’s easy to feel as if, despite all the insight we have into each other’s lives, our loved ones are further away than ever. And indeed, the data bears this out. A recent study shows the average modern family is spread 2,077 miles across the world and most adults have…

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If Only Anne Heche Had Drafted an Estate Plan…

Anne Heche was an Emmy award-winning actress, well-known for her roles in such blockbuster hits as Donnie Brasco and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Well, we know what Heche didn’t do last summer: draft an estate plan. The actress lost her life in a car crash in August, 2022…leaving behind two sons, a…

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