How Bad is Going Through Probate, Actually?


Probate—a term that often sends shivers down the spines of individuals faced with the passing of a loved one. Many perceive it as a cumbersome and lengthy legal process for your loved ones to deal with, conjuring images of complicated court proceedings and significant delays. And, don’t get us wrong, it certainly can be. But…

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Four Simple Steps to Take the Pain out of Probate Court

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If there is not a good reason to probate an Estate (and, sometimes, there is) probate court is one of those places you don’t want to visit.  Surprisingly, compared to other states, the probate process in Texas is not overly complicated…however, this does NOT mean that your estate administration efforts will be painless. For most…

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5 Estate Planning Tasks to Address Now, While You’re Able-Minded & Bodied

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Estate planning is often thought of as end-of-life planning, which leads many people to make the enormous mistake of neglecting the task until it’s too late. While, yes, some elements of an estate plan serve to protect your loved ones after you die, many others play an active role in protecting your well-being while you’re…

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How to Avoid Probate in Texas: 4 Tips from a Probate Lawyer

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Unless you’ve been invited to visit the Queen, a court date is never something to look forward to easily.  This is true of criminal court, bankruptcy court…and, trust a probate lawyer to tell you, this is also true of probate court. Unless you like paying fees, filling out forms, and shouldering stress, it is worth…

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