Estate Planning for a Second Marriage


So you’ve decided to remarry? Congratulations! You’re getting a fresh start on life and beginning an exciting new chapter in your story. However, a remarriage is not without its difficulties. Compared to a first marriage, many people embarking on a second marriage are at a later stage in life and are likely to have more…

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Properly Funding Your Trust: Don’t Leave Your Loved Ones Behind

Business man show money bank note make financial plan invite people to sell or buy house and car - monetary properties loan credit insurance concept

You’ve put in the hard work. You’ve set up a trust and you’re well on your way towards protecting your family’s future. Or are you? There are many steps when it comes to establishing a trust and one of the most important is also one of the most easily overlooked: trust funding. Simply put, if…

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5 Estate Planning Myths, Debunked

estate planning myths

Estate planning can be confusing, and the number of myths and misconceptions about the subject certainly don’t help. Not only do these myths blur the line between estate planning fact and fiction, but it’s hard to know what information is credible these days…and what information isn’t. Here are some common misconceptions about estate planning, debunked…

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